𝗕𝗨𝗗𝗚𝗘𝗧 LED Light Bulb Upgrades For My 2017 Honda Civic Si LED Lights (10th Gen Civic)

Here’s a quick and easy DIY video covering LED light bulb upgrades on my 2017 Honda Civic Si (10th Gen Honda Civic). It’s a cost effective way to improve the look of your new civic! I’m very happy with the improved clarity of the LED bulbs, and the cool color temperature of these bulbs makes the car look more modernized.

The LED headlights (H11 bulbs) did not need ballasts and did not throw any codes on the car, but there are LED light kits that require ballasts/resistors. The specific ones I received have a built-in fans to cool the bulbs during use. The foglights were spot-light type bulbs (H8 bulbs)and the interior/trunk lights were 5050 style bulbs. A big thank you to Envision Motorsport for the hookup on these lights, I’m glad I tried them out!

-please check out their website here: www.envisionmotorsport.com
-The best way to order a set of led bulbs is to message them directly, tell them your make and model and they will set you up with a kit (email or IG DMs)!

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32 thoughts on “𝗕𝗨𝗗𝗚𝗘𝗧 LED Light Bulb Upgrades For My 2017 Honda Civic Si LED Lights (10th Gen Civic)

  1. Damn, love the straight forward explanation and clear detailed tutorials of every little things. Didn’t have to fast forward or anything. Superb editing, dude. Subbed.

  2. i bought the Torchbeam LED Headlights set on amazon. it was $78 for the set of both low and high beam bulbs and im super happy with how it came out, it perfectly matches the color of the DTR lights

  3. Managed to find my alternative to hood scoopes and such, build is very well into its final stages, can’t wait to show off

  4. Hi! Great video. I’m thinking of getting these for my ‘19 Si coupe. Can you tell me if your headlights height need to be readjusted with these led’s?

  5. Thanks for the great video! I ordered the H11 and H8 bulbs from Envision Motorsport and they look great! Did you also do you high beams? I ordered the 9005 bulbs from them and they don't work. Just curious if you replaced yours and if so, was there a seperate kit/ballast needed? Thanks again for the great video!

  6. Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for making this video. I appreciate your to-the-point instructions with the callouts and notes on-screen.

    I just replaced all my stock bulbs with LEDs, and my car looks way better now.

  7. Thanks a lot for your video. It really helped me do the first modification I've ever done on my first car! The led lights make my car look way more roomy and premium while the led headlights improved my visibility dramatically. Thank you.

  8. The LED's you used, were they all CANBUS READY, including the foglights, so they didn't throw a code or dash warning?

  9. Thank you so very much for your detailed video on how to change the halogen bulbs to LED for a Civic ! Very clear and informative !! Exellent job my friend !

  10. Managed to do the hood scoopes, but having problem with the outside license plate and inside is the glowbox light and interior light upgrade to led, thats all…. still watching this video even if i did the upgrades, thats how good this video is…

  11. I just bought some led lights for my Honda Civic exterior low beams. Is it normal for the little box to get super hot? I’m not sure what the little box is called

  12. Love the editing. I have a 2018 Civic si, if I change the headlight bulb to LED, will the high beams also be LED?

  13. How about removing an entire fog light assembly? I had a rock crack one of my lenses, on the driver's side. Could you do a video on that? I also have a 2015 Honda Fit with the the driver side fog light lens cracked almost exactly the same way. You can tell my 2018 Civic and Fit are related to each other….lol.

  14. I’m on the website and I’m confused on which one I have to buy… is it the r4 led headlights with build in fan or the r3 headlights csp led chip? Thanks

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