2015-2017 ANZO LED Switchback Outline Projector Headlights and Oracle LED Headlight Bulb Install

While even the baseline factory halogen headlights on the 2015 to 2017 F150s are pretty stylish, they don’t really cut it when it comes to either their light output or their overall look if you have a more aggressive styling theme in mind for your truck. ANZO’s 2015 to 2017 F150 LED Outline Projector Headlights are some of the most awesome and aggressive aftermarket headlights you can grab for your truck. Designed specifically for 2015-2017 F150s with base halogen reflector headlights, ANZO’s headlights feature a dual projector lens design for both the high beams and the low beams set in a black housing that completely changes the looks and character of your hyper-tough F150 build. ANZO’s headlights even have an OE-style LED outline strip that functions as both a white running light and amber turn signals to make your F150 really turn a few heads.

Most aftermarket headlights for the 2004 to 2016 F150s use H7 halogen bulbs for their projector low beams that aren’t all that impressive. This Oracle H7 LED conversion kit F150s with aftermarket headlights greatly improve the light output of your projector headlights, all with a fairly simple, plug-and-play install. These powerful, drop-in replacement LED headlight bulbs produce an excellent amount of light to improve your forward light output without being intense enough to blind other drivers. Oracle’s F150 LED headlight bulbs drop right into place of the standard H7 halogen bulbs in your aftermarket projector headlights and come with everything you need to get them running on your truck.

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35 thoughts on “2015-2017 ANZO LED Switchback Outline Projector Headlights and Oracle LED Headlight Bulb Install

  1. Is there any way to have the white outline planks be amber instead of white? So that the outline of amber is the same whenever the turn signals are on or not.

  2. I have a 2016 F150 with these Anzo headlights. What bulb do I need for my high beams? I already have the H7 installed for my low beams. But I want my high beams to match. Do the H7 bulbs also fit into the high beams?

  3. Using wiretap like those in the video will cause issues in the future with loose connections do not use those

  4. So I just got the headlights and when I want it to change to led is not the same i have the h11 led and i won't fit does anybody know what size led lights for the projector

  5. I bought these Anzo Switchbacks from you guys at Stage3. When I have my DRL's or my Headlights on, my blinker bulb is constantly lit up with the LED bars. I noticed in this video (4:13 – 4:16) the blinker light does not stay constantly lit, it only flashes with the amber bar when the turning signal flashes. Are mine wired wrong? I would prefer my blinker bulb to not be constantly running. Please shine me some light.

    Also, would a 7443NA Switchback LED bulb function in unison with the LED Bars?

  6. In this video you showed the high beam install, but what did you use on the low beam to route the cables through the dust cap? I see a couple wires coming out with what looks like a rubber grommet, but could you be more specific? What size grommet (if that is what it is). I'd like to route my ballast outside the housing but I'd like it to be clean looking like yours using ANZO's dust cover.

  7. Hi, i am trying to change an H1 Halogen Bulb with a LED light. I didn't know much and bought an H1 LED and when I tried the LED it went too far inside the Hole and had no way to connect.
    i have a H1 LED now that i bought for like $100. Is there a way to connect it?

    So recently i started looking for LED for H1 Halogen Projector Headlights. But then I was reading few forums like on this product "KaTur 2pcs 900 Lumens H1 Base Super Bright 3014 78SMD Lens LED Bulbs Car Driving Daytime Running Lights Xenon White 6000K DC 12V-24V" (On amazon) and people are saying "Bulbs were too big to fit in the actual head unit. Just because it connects to an H1 connector, doesn't make it an H1 bulb. Shame.", "the bulb size is too big to fit through a regular H1 bulb hole. I can't use these.".. Can someone help me with this?? please.
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  8. i own this exact setup. just got it recently. i still fear that the heat disipators will not work well if they have no ventilation or airflow. can somebody give me any advice?

  9. Saw some flickering when it was on DRL..and the flickering is gone when you turned everything on…is that the case? Or it's just the camera…?

  10. Does the outline strip turn on as the daytime running lights? Does this light work properly with automatic setting? Can the orange be the outline?

  11. I have the factory halogen lights, would I only have to buy these lights and install them or buy additional things?

  12. Question…does this after market headlight affect the control module box ..I was told that my aftermarket hid's is the reason why the it's gettin burnt out..

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  14. So there is no worry about installing the LED driver inside of the headlight housing, like heat? Is a resistor need so that there isnt hyper flashing of the turn signals on the dash? Thanks, great video.

  15. how is the light out put from the head lights ,can we get a video of both the stock light and the new projectors low and high beams . I'm really interested but not too sure about the projector out put.

  16. Do you have the high beam leds also? and can the complete light assembly be purchased with the leds pre-installed?

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