64×32 RGB Led Matrix Clock With Arduino

RGB Led Matrix Clock With Arduino
You can find the schema & code on project page, below is the link:

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64*32 P4-256*128-2121-A2
RGB Matrix p4 with arduino mega 64×32
RGB Matrix p4 with arduino mega
DS1307 Real Time Clock
64×32 rgb led matrix arduino
64×32 rgb led matrix arduino code
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64×32 rgb led matrix 4mm pitch
64×32 rgb led matrix panel (4mm pitch)
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rgb matrix with arduino
rgb led matrix
64×32 rgb led matrix 6mm pitch
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64×32 rgb led matrix 4mm pitch
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32*64 led matrix

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23 thoughts on “64×32 RGB Led Matrix Clock With Arduino

  1. Is there any way to use less RAM so i dont Need an Arduino mega? I know the uno supports max 32×32 displays but i only have a 64×32 and arduino uno

  2. Hey, I am trying to build this but I really have not a clue where to start or how to do anything. Could anyone tell me how to even do this?

  3. I am using 32×32 P6 rgb led board. while running the program the display was splitting into 4 parts. i am unable to find the problem could you please tell me the solution.

  4. Hello,

    Can we add one more RGB 64 x 32 to this project and still manage it with the same board ?


  5. First, thanks for the tutorial; I have two questions:
    1) Is DATA-OUT not used?
    2) What should be added to use this sketch with esp8266 Nodemcu? (Not WiFi)
    Thank you

  6. DS1307 плохой модуль часов , то спешит , то отстает… за неделю прибавляет 2-3 минуты (за два года ушли вперед на 2,5 часа) . Сколько не пытался бороться, не выходит. Приходиться часто переводить время либо делать синхронизацию по кнопке. Лучше использовать модуль DS3231 , стоимость в 2 раза дороже … но результат – точность .

  7. I dont need an extra power supply, do I? Does the USB cable gives me enough Power? And do i need a 5 v or 12 v Power Supply because on my arduino Mega 2560 stands that it needs 7 – 12 v and it converts to 5v. PLS answer fast. THX

  8. I want to daisy chain 5 of these display together. Is there a way to use multiple arduinos and have one input into another?

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