Adele – When We Were Young – Live at The BRIT Awards 2016

Adele performs When We Were Young live at The BRIT Awards 2016.

‘When We Were Young’ is taken from the new album, 25.
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42 thoughts on “Adele – When We Were Young – Live at The BRIT Awards 2016

  1. Her music bring so much feelings to my heart. Ive loved every single album! She’s beautiful either way but glad she decided to lose weight! I am also trying to get in my best shape after having kids. They motivate you to be best you can be health wise because you want to live a long life with them. Cheers to you Adele!

  2. Как Дель рей сравнивают с Адель? Как Монсерат Кабалье [Адель] и участник шоу голос [Дель Рей]..

  3. Adele: you remind me when I was young when I was standing there.

    Never stop chasing your dreams 😊
    Thank you Adele for being one of our inspiration

  4. This amazing song represents my 2016. I usually come here to remember how everything was by then.

  5. Все иои друзьья любят теба
    Но я самый ярый фанатЯ давно знаком с вашем творчиством и и далялеля я мого облизывать вас……Одна просьба Бони тайлей ай нид э хиро

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