All Zed Skins Comparison

All Zed skins Comparison
If you cannot decide, im here to help 🙂

Mainly Tested:
Overview ( Joke, Taunt, Dance and laugh)
Spell cast animations and graphic particles
AA-Effects and animations
Skin Splashart included

Skin spotlight queue:
Default Zed – 0:15
Shockblade Zed – 2:47
SKT T1 Zed – 5:47
Project Zed – 8:45
Championship Zed – 11:40
Death Sworn Zed – 14:24

*Quick note*
I also added default Zed skin just to compare EVERY skin for him, so default can count as a skin.

Intro music: blackbear – 4u (Renzyx Remix)

Outro music: AREA 21 – Glad you came


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23 thoughts on “All Zed Skins Comparison

  1. TO BE FAAIR, the by far coolest skin is his default. its soo fitting to the character and Zeds overall theme. I am a Zed main and own all skins but i love to run the default. So nice and it has razor sharp edges, it really compliments Zeds playstyle.

  2. Thanks for making the video since there is no easy way to find out what the skin actually looks like and you have to wander around youtube and the internet or buy a wallpaper as "skin".

  3. My favorite skins list:
    1-Death Sworn
    3-Galaxy Slayer
    7-SKT T1

  4. Which do I buy?

    PROJECT : Zed?
    Shockblade Zed?
    Championship Zed?
    SKT T1 Zed?
    Or death sworn Zed?

    I think I should go again for PROJECT, but I don't know if I want the Shockblade one, it looks so strong and does a lot of damage when combo..

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