America – Don't Cross The River

America performs “Don’t Cross the River” with special guest, photographer/musician Henry Diltz.

There’s a little girl out lying on her own
She’s got a broken heart
She’s not the kind to take you down for long
She knows and plays it smart

And if she’s comin’ she’s shown no mark
She’s heard no whistle blowin’ from the dark
She feels like leavin’ and she don’t know why
Without no bridges she’s trapped, so I sigh

Don’t cross the river if you can’t swim the tide
Don’t try denying livin’ on the other side
All your life you were on your own

And if you want you can ride my train
And soon forget the reason that you’re leavin’
You’ll lose yourself and then some time
Maybe even save yourself some grievin’

Don’t cross the river if you can’t swim the tide
Don’t try denying livin’ on the other side
All your life you were on your own


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21 thoughts on “America – Don't Cross The River

  1. Dan had a very unique voice as did the Beckley and Bunnell. Wish Dan had been there when this was played. America really had a classy and artistic flair in their music and they is what is missing wit today's mundane racket on the airwaves!

  2. It's hardly Gerry or Dewey's fault that Dan jumped ship way back when -nor should they feel obliged to mention his name every time they perform a Dan Peek song. Dan's contribution was meagre after Homecoming anyhow and Dewey always the main creative force. I think most folks would agree on that.

  3. This is silly, how on earth he didn't even mentioned Dans name when you should suppose to give credit to Dan when he is the one compose and sang that song. I know they part ways long time ago. but dans already dead, at least they should pay respect to one of their original members. So sad.😑

  4. I think Henry did the original CSN album cover withe them setting on a couch in front of a house. They realized they weren't sitting in order so they went back to take another picture and the house was gone. Henry is a legend in R&R history.

  5.  It always brings back such good memories hearing these guys. I was in high school when you heard them on the radio every day. (in the 70's) Yeah, I'm an old guy. I saw them in concert recently and they still look great and sound great. They must still have an appealing sound, there were just as many people at that concert in their 20's as people 50 and up. It was good to see.

  6. Daniel Milton 'Dan' Peek (November 1, 1950 – July 24, 2011) was a musician best known as a member of the rock band America from 1970 to 1977, together with Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell. He was also a "pioneer in contemporary Christian music." Peek contributed lead and backing vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, and harmonica to their recordings during his tenure in the band.

  7. They will be at the Bell Auditorium – Civic Center Augusta GA on Oct 27th. Don't miss them!! Thanks for watching!

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