Another cheap eBay LED floodlight. Is it really going to be 50W?

It’s a while since I’ve bought a cheap eBay floodlight, so I thought I’d buy a 50W unit to see how the insides have changed, if the ground is connected yet and if it’s actually 50W.

I also bought this light for the case. I wonder how well it will dissipate the heat from an actual 50W LED.

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23 thoughts on “Another cheap eBay LED floodlight. Is it really going to be 50W?

  1. You have not mentioned that although the reflectors in these lights look nice they do not really reflect anything because the light source is not at the focus (if there is one)

  2. I'm confused because very often LED lights give a watt rating which is equivalent to what an incandescent bulb would put out and then they draw a much lower amount of actual wattage.

  3. I have similar one but a bigger and grey, with a sensor, Cold light.
    It is a 50w led and I think its really a 50w becouse its really strong, the light reach about 150+m. Bought from wish 4 years ago for 25 dollars and its still working.

  4. So does the power factor affect your power bill in any way? It seems like a too complicated concept for me but I would just like to know if I should take it into account in the future so that I don't get billed double compared to what I think I'm consuming

  5. I don’t even know why I am watching this video, but interestingly enough….. I am entertained.. 🧐🤔

  6. So… Next step would be to get your money back since it is nit 50w and reporting to ebay that they are selling fake ( wouldnt that count as fraud?) and unsafe / illegal products (isnt there a law requiring these products to be grounded prolerly?)
    I mean ok. Could be a little harsh. But 99% of the buyers will not test this out, so theres a fraud here, and without proper grounding this is actually dangerous.
    Maybe if this happens multiple times chinese sellers will at least watch for proper grounding and correct labeling.

  7. Is the fact that this light only drew 23 watts means that it should have been advertised as a 23W floodlight? I bought a 200W Ebay floodlight that has 4 COB LEDs. It only drew 122.2 watts. Is this false advertising?

  8. I got one the looks very similar the has 4 chips from my workplace industrial place I measured the power and it was pulling 380w and it was really bright but then it said made in usa with exported parts so I'm guessing that's why and it was grounded

  9. What on “earth” are the Chinese doing! This blatantly says “fuck you all, let’s go against safety and make a profit!”

  10. i feel like you should at least occasionally try to get a refund with photos of the HOPI and the inside components proving its not a 50W light. that way you alert these sellers that they're actually selling crap and also get your money back. i have no sympathy for them if they're just lying about multiple parts of it's specs.

  11. I thought that the whole point of LEDs was that they converted power to light rather than heat?
    I still prefer the old style lights where you can pop in a new bulb without using a soldering iron.

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