Best LED Grow Lights (Under $200)

Join us as we share what we believe is to be one of the best LED grow lights for under $200 while educating you on some industry secrets and tips for getting the most out of your light.

When it comes to plant grow lights, you really need to ensure that your plants are getting everything they need.

That’s why we’re putting the MARS HYDRO 1000w full spectrum LED grow light to the test!

📺 What We Cover in this Video:
#1 PAR/PPFD levels that promote HUGE yields!
#2 Ideal Canopy Temps.
#3 LED grow light operation costs.
#4 What color spectrums needed & when.

📺 Tools We Use in This Video:
#1 Apogee MQ-500 PAR/ Quantum Meter
#2 Sekonic C-7000 SpectroMaster Spectrometer
#3 Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Thermometer

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23 thoughts on “Best LED Grow Lights (Under $200)

  1. Could you do a video on the best budget grow light that is good for seedling to maturity for things like tomatoes, lettuce, herbs (not the mari-tomatoes, as albo pepper would say!) Also, could you do a test with like 3 walls of a cheap reflective material, and without? Id like to knownif it would sufficiently cover a 3 x 3 for veg, or even 2 x 2 with reflective walls

  2. Thank you for taking time out of your day woth everything you have going on, to bring us these videos! Theyre very helpful!

  3. I don't mind the music like some are saying, but one thing that I would say is when you have headphones in your ears it does get really loud all of a sudden and can be a little painful to the ears…

  4. How much light that do be we down here in the projects and Point Breeze in apartment we got like 50 plans Gorilla Glue can you help with trimming my buds I play for your pain ticket

  5. Never never never never never never mind mind mind never never mind never never never never never never mind never mind never never mind

  6. It comfortably covers a 3×3 veg and 2×2 flower. Also produces ZERO heat in my 2x4x4 tent with 2 other cheap LED panels on either side of it.

  7. 140w may get you one plant but no one is smoking for six months off one plant, unless it is simply massive. This is painful to watch. The light shouldn’t be compared to an hps unless it is actual wattage equivalent. 140w labeled as 1000w is just a scammer move. Yes a 400w-600w hps or LEC are more expensive but the 400w will give off the same heat and cover a 4*4 area no problem. Not to mention it is the same price as a 400w hps and now the manufacturer only suggests the LED for a 2×2 area. Where’s the integrity? Wasted everyones time and didn’t even compare it to an old HPS. Do your own research people and stop listening to these scammers. Anyone else notice how they did not say they would use it in their own grow?

  8. One comment for ya fella, then sianara. What’s the fucking deal with the alien plant like looking shit in the tents and background and the bullshit instru fuckingmental instruments Sucking ass to Mars Hydro fella, goodbye no more commenting for you big fella. Not legit fella big guy big big fella boy. I smoke chronic. U smokes ass

  9. I got one of these lights within a month of them being released. It is a pretty impressive light. Especially for the amount of power. Mine came with a piece of wood set in the box so you couldn't cut anyting

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