Best Of Madlife – The God Of Predictions | League Of Legends

Best Of Madlife; A Funny Montage of Madlife featuring his best plays and funniest moments!

Track name: DOPEDROP – Moskau
Video Link:

Track name: [Future Bass] – Pegboard Nerds – Just Like That (feat. Johnny Graves) [Monstercat EP Release]
Video Link:

Looking through the description now? ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


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36 thoughts on “Best Of Madlife – The God Of Predictions | League Of Legends

  1. Little does people know about Madlife
    He wasnt known only for his thresh/blitz, he was known for his ability to carry games as support and was the first to achive that in professional play. He literally opened an era where support is considered an IMPORTANT role and HE alongside with CJE was the one building the dominance that Korea had over others legions . Its no joke but the history of LoL can be divide into : before Madlife (when sp player is treated like crap) ,Madlife , and after Madlife ( Mata) . He holds the highest All star vote rate in history with 80% of the vote ( higher than Faker)

  2. i didnt like the ordering of the clips oe the music felt like a mashup the 2y old one had better pacing and gameplay there was lots of reused clips u should have gotten some more games from gcu

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