Budget PC RGB Case Lighting | USB LED Light Strip Setup & Review | NZXT H440

A great budget alternative to an NZXT Hue+. In this video, I add a USB powered LED strip inside of my NZXT H440. The LED light strip makes the PC look really cool in my opinion and the LEDs are really bright. It’s also really easy to setup, as shown in the video!

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43 thoughts on “Budget PC RGB Case Lighting | USB LED Light Strip Setup & Review | NZXT H440

  1. i like my rgb strips but im wondering how i can hide them better. i dont like how i can see indivusal lights on the back

  2. You don't actually need that usb hub power supply thing. You can just route the cable from the inside out and then plug It in an empty USB port

  3. I read the reviews and they said that the adhesive is bad, so I’m gunna look for another set. The price is also like 20 bucks and I think I can go cheaper. Other than that neet product

  4. Saw this on,another pc build , I built a budget am3 phemon x4 matched with 1050 (outdated tech ik) but runs well, the case fans(front and back) have rgb, but I wanted more glow from side panel, thanks for sharing

  5. After watching this im going to try and recreate this but i cant find that desktop background you used. do you have a link to that or is that custom for your setup?

  6. how can you turn off the lights with voice command ?Female answer is okay ? What is this device ? Lovely setup bytheway 🙂

  7. This guy stole your content. File a copyright violation with youtube. He did the same thing to me last week and I'm trying to let the other creators that he's ripping off know about it. Here is a link to the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FA7p1QoKwU

  8. Sorry Wallmart sell usb led light strips for 5 bucks . Also they sell Mouster led light bulbs that has two bulbs and two 6 foot strips and an remote for 30 bucks

  9. So i know absolutely nothing about PC’s and how they work bruh , so when i buy the case is there anything i need or all i gotta do is hook it up and get to whatever i need to do ?

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