Easy digital clock | Atmega328p chip 7 segment clock | JLCPCB

$ 2 for 10 Prototype Pcbs, produced within 24 hours.

Homemade inductance meter

Li-ion charger circuit using 1 transistor

For schematic and circuit diagram please click the link below

Parts for this project:-
4 digit 7 segment display
Atmeg328p-pu chip
14pin ic base
16Mhz crystal
2 × 22pf capacitor
100uf capacitor
10k resistor
2 + push button
jumper connector
7805 ic
power connector
9v battery

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43 thoughts on “Easy digital clock | Atmega328p chip 7 segment clock | JLCPCB

  1. If you find the following program in Arduino, if you call Sim900a, the bulb 1 should start only 2 seconds ON and when you call again the bulb 2 ON should start 2s.


    1. Arduino

    2. Sim900A

    3.LED 1


  2. i can build that chip without any programming…just with punch of logic gates and flip flops…….i used and simulated it in multisim software now i have just to make it in real life

  3. I am Thailand.This project I interest in long time.Now I want to learn this project for my knowledge and using it in my home…in my think it so proud and cool ..I am so sorry in my Eng is not very good to communication…If u see please u gives all detail to me…Thank a lot sir

  4. ye agar video men music na dalo to qayamat aa jae gi…kuchh to sharam kro hr video men music marna nahen he tum ne?

  5. Bhai tm yrr kya bnaye ho koi circuit sahi samjhaye ni ho kl hme project submit krna h
    Zero marks milege tmhri vjh se

  6. You have not shown the connection between the equipment in board. I talking about the shouldering of back side of board…, please show it again, i want to make it at home for home use…Thank you…

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