Evolution of Gangstar Games on Android – iOS (2009 – 2017)

Join us as we take a look through 8 years of evolution of Gangstar games on Android and iOS, enjoy!

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28 thoughts on “Evolution of Gangstar Games on Android – iOS (2009 – 2017)

  1. When I saw gangstar Vegas and Rio for first time
    It was like vice city and San Andreas lite for me

  2. Gangstar vegas and New Orleans is donate shit. Gangstar Miami vindication is the best game in the world!!!

  3. Either make new better gangster with better looking graphics and framerate with offline play or remake the old ones because old ones are better than new ones

  4. These games would've been good if it weren't for the stiff controls, mediocre to non existent storyline, and pay to win mechanics. Graphics isn't everything kids

  5. Passando pra lembrar que Jesus te ama nunca se afaste dele,Deus rem um propósito para ti nunca desista ❤🙏🏼

  6. Gangstar rio is too legendary and im sad that they cant remake that kind of feels

    Now that mobile game is about online

  7. omg i really missed Gangstat west coast hustle i remember it when i downloaded it 7 years ago or something

  8. So basically
    GTA 3= West Coast Hustle
    GTA Vice City= Miami Vindication
    GTA San Andreas= City Of Saints
    GTA 4=Gangster Vegas
    GTA 5=New Orleans

    Though even in 2020 I prefer Gangstar Rio..❤️

  9. gta rule pc and gangstar in mobile , u cant say gangstar rip of cz a mobile game cant be like pc game

    G4 and GTA v these game realesd in 2013 , in 2013 mobile was not so good , but gameloft made it … they tried to make perfect so its not a ripoff…..

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