FNAF World Full Game Walkthrough – Hard Mode

FNAF World Full Game Walkthrough – Hard Mode

This is a FNAF World Full Game Walkthrough. I cut out a lot of the farming in order to level and obtain characters near the end because the final boss battle is significantly more difficult than the rest of the game. Otherwise, this is the full game for the most part. Not the secret good ending sadly. Had no idea that existed at the time of recording.

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38 thoughts on “FNAF World Full Game Walkthrough – Hard Mode

  1. I know this game wasn’t meant to be taken seriously and all, but I still think it really had a lot of potential. The biggest problem as anyone can clearly see is the combat system. Perhaps if Scott made it so battles were turn-based rather than how fast a player chose an attack. Speaking of attacks, they all have unlimited uses, which of course leads players to constantly only use the insta-Kill attacks like Unscrew and Esc Key, making every other attack obsolete as a result. I think it’d have been much better for Scott to use an energy or PP system for attacks. Like in Earthbound, where you have to use PP to use all of your PSI attacks, or maybe Pokémon, where each attack has it’s own individual PP; weaker attacks like Ember or Peck have a high number of uses (usually 20 or more) whereas the bigger and stronger attacks like Earthquake and Hyper Beam can have far fewer uses (sometimes 10 or even 5). One last thing that could’ve been changed is the characters reviving themselves instantly after every battle; if the characters in the party get revived after every battle, the player will just use them over and over again, and the rest of the characters NEVER get used. It can confidently say it would’ve been much better to have it so the characters would stay knocked out until the player revived them, perhaps by using an item, or visiting “Parts & Service” rooms that are placed in each area, like how Lolbit has her shop. I understand it’d have been a lot of work for Scott, but I’m sure he could’ve done it if he put more time into it. I’m certain the game would’ve been a lot more popular.

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