History of – ARMY MEN (1998-2010)

1 .1998 Army Men
2. 1999 Army Men II
3. 1999 Army Men 3D
4. 1999 Army Men Sarge’s Heroes
5. 1999 Army Men Air Attack
6. 1999 Army Men Toys in Space
7. 2000 Army Men World War
8. 2000 Army Men Air Tactics
9. 2000 Army Men Air Combat
10. 2000 Army Men World War – Land, Sea, Air
11. 2000 Army Men Air Attack 2
12. 2000 Army Men Sarge’s Heroes 2
13. 2001 Army Men World War – Final Front
14. 2001 Army Men Advance
15. 2001 Army Men Green Rogue
16. 2001 Portal Runner
17. 2001 Army Men World War – Team Assault
18. 2001 Army Men Operation Green
19. 2002 Army Men RTS
20. 2002 Army Men Turf Wars
21. 2003 Army Men Air Combat – The Elite Missions
22. 2004 Army Men Sarge’s War
23. 2006 Army Men Major Malfunction
24. 2008 Army Men Soldiers of Misfortune
25. 2010 Army Men Mobile Ops
—–26. 2013 Army Men III

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45 thoughts on “History of – ARMY MEN (1998-2010)

  1. Army men rts is the best game…. army men rts es el mejor juego de todos, sobre todo si se juega en game ranger

  2. I remember getting Army Men RTS as a kid and being disappointed after finding out it wasn’t an FPS. Little did I know I was RTS would become my favorite genre because of this “mistake.” 🙂

  3. Does anyone know who owns the Army Men video game IP? I've been trying to find out but I can't find anything. Last year I found that no one owned the IP, and now I'm hearing that 2K owns it. Does anyone know anything for sure?

  4. All of them are total disaster but rts was out of mind
    I played stronghold total war age of empires civ city rome general …and every strategy game you imagine but dude rts was the best i wonder why 3do didnt make more strategy games like rts
    Imagine make a remaster of it😍😍

  5. 8:14 How did we go from a game with swaying hair physics along with other nice 'assets', to this again? 8:26

  6. oh the memories…
    i remember owned all the army men world war series, and completed all the games. it is one of my favorite series of army men.

  7. Maybe instead of making 5 games in one year, maybe just focus on one game for a few years? No? Okay… also who ever made that soilders of misfortune is fucking retarded.

  8. I would say Army Men Land Sea Air is one of the weirder games. I remember having that as a kid.

  9. Army Men 3D scared the fuck out of me and my brother I don't know why is it because like enemy knows what it is doing! 😨😨😂😂

  10. If Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom can get a remaster and Destroy All Humans can get one. Why can’t Army Men?

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