How long will your LED grow light last? When do you need to replace your LED grow light?

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How long will your LED grow light last and when do you need to replace your grow light? I have tested four lights for PAR output, run them for 6,000 hours and then tested them again in the same setup and with the same equipment. to determine the PAR output drop over 1 year running.
The result is an average of about 5% drop per year and about 20% drop to the end of year 4. I would recommend replacing your LED grow light after a running time of about 25,000 hours.


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46 thoughts on “How long will your LED grow light last? When do you need to replace your LED grow light?

  1. Thanks, for the video! Very interesting results. I would mention, though, that you really have no reason to believe that the degradation in output of the LEDs is going to be linear. They could accelerate their degradation – or, plateau at some point and provide relatively consistent output for the remainder of their lifespan. It certainly calls for more data over a longer period of time.

  2. My light seems to have changed colour from bright pink/ purple to a more white . Is it my eyes lol or has the light run out of steam ( is this even possible)

  3. Interesting the overheating on the hlg is caused by that heatshield you put in front of it . cheers🇨🇦

  4. Still wont answer eh? Guess we all know why…… No one will ever take you serious again after you CHEATED on this test. Low Low Low…

  5. HEY SHANE , could you do torture tests like LED GARDENER did on the HLG QB288, IT handled 600wattx @8amps approx, thanx man ! Cheers🇨🇦

  6. I think 4 years is a fair usage. About the time technology advances enough to justify upgrading anyways.

  7. What was the purpose or reason for the plastic layer under the HLG fixture ?.. this would trap heat to some extent and affect the performance and light output readings.. was this removed prior to the sensor readings ? HLG does not provide or use their boards this way, please clarify. thanks.

  8. Are you positive it's all on the diodes and some is not the driver's responsibility? And…if you actively cool them would the loss go down?

  9. I’m wondering if the 6000 straight hours of run time slightly affected the end result? Yes, LEDS will and do degrade, but would cycling the lights increase or decrease lifespan? I know many industrial tools that are designed for cycles of off time, suffer greatly if not run that way, could LEDS be the same? Definitely would be a much longer and time consuming project though.

  10. It’s like this guy needs to constantly drink water the noise it makes sounds disgusting and it’s every video

  11. Ohhh this was a test I was waiting for. Ok so it's a 24/7 test. So a 12/12 cycle would mean replacing the lights every 6-8 years? Then I'm guessing if Moore's law came into effect. It you sould replace the LED fixtures every 2-4 years just because of the technology and not the diminished light output. Here's me just putting a spanner in the works 🙂 I absolutely love your videos guys.

  12. Take that Plexiglass covering off the HLG. WHO uses them??? Airflow is everything. Not sure there's anything scientific to derive from Migros tests ever but keep on keepin on 🙂

  13. Most people dont know enough about leds to ask the right questions here. Room temps and testing amperage obviously have to be consistent. I think using the same driver is important. Now the amperage used might be only 1/3 the max capacity of the qb board but is 1 amp the same 1/3 capacity of max of both the cobs? No. So should the test even be done with the same amperage or should it be done by percentage of max capabilities of the led? Is that a more fair representation of numbers? Would the diodes being used be an x factor? Yes. Especially if that qb board is a v1 with samsung lm561s6s. What are the diodes being used in the cobs? Probably 301bs? See what I'm saying? It's a great idea for a test but so much goes into thermal management

  14. How hard you drive them dictates temp so it would be good to know what was pushing these units and were they all powered by the same driver for the test?

  15. Just had to replace some diy c.o.b. lights I built ~4 years ago. And they were used extensively. Good video.

  16. I have a $200 dollar led fixture with 5w diodes, I got off eBay, been running it for 4-5 years now, everything still works great, and the harvests look the same.

  17. Hey question, Have you run a test on the hlg with the driver mounted externally? Would the lower heat therefore increase the lifespan of the leds?

  18. My led light lasted about 4 weeks and i smashed it! I went back to my good ol hps 1k and now im 😀😜

  19. Water cool the lights and they will last longer. Heat kills electronics. The cooler you can keep the LEDs the better.

  20. good work, though im curious if you could replace the driver on the hlg to regain the lost effiency, also would it be possible to run the test for another year to see if those values decay at the same rate?
    the thing that impressed me with the hlg is the ability to easily replace broken/old components.

    thanks and cheers

  21. Thanks for the video. Interesting results. This is why I run a fan above my LED to keep the driver and the light cool. Hoping this will maximize the life of my light.

  22. Would the driver also need to be replaced or could one replace the chips/boards only to renew their lights? Another question I have been looking at rebuilding my lights anyway any advice on what you would do with a dual channel 32-50v 650 ma driver i have 24 of them?
    Thanks love the info you sort through for us all.

  23. Shane, can we see some graphs of the number of fanboys in your comment section grouped by company 😉

    Love your content and all of the lights in the video(and on the board). You can't get information like this elsewhere, you are an engineer first and foremost and a salesman second.

    A question/video topic I would love to see you cover is driver longevity and efficiency losses over time in various environments and configurations. Thanks, Cheers!

  24. Great test, thanks for running it Shane. I never really thought about the reduction of efficiency over time. I suppose that's another possible advantage for a DIY setup where you can just change out the COBs every few years. But that brings up the question, is it the LED's, the driver, or both that is causing the reduction?

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