How to Download & Install Custom Content for The Sims 4! ❤

Hey guys! this is for any viewers who are interested in playing with the sims custom content I use in my videos!

My Custom Content Used!:

The Sims Resource! :

Download WinRAR!:

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41 thoughts on “How to Download & Install Custom Content for The Sims 4! ❤

  1. Hey Friends, I don't post The Sims on this channel anymore!
    I have a second channel for Sims! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE:

  2. What kinda computer works for downloading cc for the sims because I have a hp laptop and I don’t want it to break

  3. I had an accident because i goed to crazy with the download and the half of the custom content i downloaded dosnt worked

  4. I don’t know why but my custom content appears in my script mods and my script mods are appearing in my custom content?

  5. This video was very helpful to me! I was struggling a little with the EA part, but got it fixed. Thanks for making this!

  6. This video really helped me! I wanted to download some cc and this was the first video I clicked on. Thankyou for the help

  7. I really want custom content and i used to do this before and it worked and now it doesnt and I dont know why, got any solution anybody? ;-;

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