How To Download Objects For Sims 4 From The Sims Resource

Hi Dumplings,
In this video I go step by step to show you how download objects and object sets for The Sims 4 from The Sims Resource.

The Sims Resource

How to download clothing and houses for sims 4

How to download stuff for sims 3

How to find houses you’ve downloaded (sims 3)

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44 thoughts on “How To Download Objects For Sims 4 From The Sims Resource

  1. Just download it from sims resource, go to downloads, right click on documents and press open in new window and move the documents window to the right of your screen and then go to documents press electronic arts, sims 4, mods, then go back to the downloads and drag the item you downloaded to the documents and you basically have the custom item downloaded.

  2. Yeah, they do let you download things without an account. At least that's what they do now. I don't know about 2014 but when I started downloading stuff last year, I didn't know you could use an account until later. I now have a membership on my new account.

  3. I remember back in the day on sims 1, people would make bad objects and sometimes after downloading them, as soon as I clicked on it in the objects menu the game would crash 😂

  4. So download files from simsresource, extract the files or unzip file then go into documents and into electronic arts then mods .. move any downloaded files u done into mods ! (: heres a tip.. make folders in the Mods like e.g ‘ hair folder , eye folder, skin tone folder ect’ much handier then shoving all download files into mods

  5. Guys Just to let you know, If your adding an building do the same thing, But this time add it to the Tray folder, Thats it 🙂

  6. Omg you are so cute❤️😂 thank you for an awesome tutorial. You talked slowly and smoothly and explained everything in detail! 👍

  7. Hi, i’m trying to download furniture and i downloaded a lot but nothing showed up. i’m not sure if it’s mesh but if it is how do i get it to show up in my game ?

  8. Thank you so much! Now I can add new furniture into my game. Before I just put the whole package into my mods folder but now I know that I have to open the package then add it. Again thank you ❤️

  9. Hey there, I did everything, seems correctly. I do see mods just before pressing the play button, I also enabled mods on the Sims4, but it doesn't appear. Also, what program do you use to open these files? Yours blanks look plain white, while mine are opened trough "Notepad" so maybe that's the problem?

  10. HELPED ME SO MUCH!! I was sick to death of using base game objects and now i dont have to thanks to you!! Definitely got a new subscriber

  11. Actually…. You do not need an account for TSR (The Sims Resource) You can just download it instantly with a ten second count

  12. Right when she said 1 when she was downloading the living room, my video started buffering because my internet sucks…..HAHahahahahaha…not

  13. I know how to download cc and I know this videos 4 years old haha but I’m trying to download custom traits and it’s not working can you help?

  14. Thank you so much! This was so helpful. I was trying for a very long time to do this! You also really funny. <3

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