How to Play Rek'Sai Jungle in Season 6 – League of Legends

Pour Julia, la plus forte et la plus inspirante.

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Red – AD
Armour – Yellow
Blues – MR
Quints – AS

MASTERIES – 0/18/12

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28 thoughts on “How to Play Rek'Sai Jungle in Season 6 – League of Legends

  1. . Ko biết bên nc ngoài nói như v nhiều chưa hay bình thường . Nhưng việt nam thì ns nhiều r đấy. Đồng bào có nghe rõ ko ạ !!

  2. how to get better in league- do not play twisted treeline pvp no skilled players go there at all like seriously im not even that good and i get scores liek 24/0/0 in twisted with champions i dont even use

  3. So I am really new to league of legends and I am trying to learn. Can someone tell me why he went to blue buff first in this video?

  4. the refillable potion is slightly less sustain for your first clear, but you can also sell it and get half the gold back. imo refillable potion is better in almost every situation.

  5. Im proberly the inly one to say this but in my opnion reksai feels so weak ive never seen a fed reksai or a reksai do good in my game enemy or my team or me she doesent feel that tanky and she just feels so weak it doesent feel like she does much or any dmg and she seems so slow while killing. Like a tanky ekko can do reksais job better and do way more dmg. I got fed and ekko got fed and he went rod of ages then full tank i got red buff then full tank and entire game when ever we fought it took me way to long to get him low and he was killing me faster and surving better and it was just so horrible. Then when i almost iill him he must ults

  6. Reksai with new warlords bloodlust. Warrior enchant with red smite, BC and ravenous hydra then tank. 😉

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