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In this episode of Open Door, Grammy-winning record producer and DJ Zedd gives an in-depth tour of his $16 million mansion in Benedict Canyon, an area of Los Angeles that’s near Sherman Oaks and northwest of Beverly Hills. Zedd’s self-decorated home is 9,500 square feet with views of the canyon and tons of full-length glass windows.

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The house is structured into three sections: work, living, and sleep. The work section has Zedd’s recording studio and an unfinished gym.

The driveway leads into the front entrance, which crosses a moat.

A huge wall with cubbies holds art, awards, and silly memorabilia. For instance, Zedd’s Grammy sits next to a poop emoji.

At the end of a corridor, before going outside, guests can pick their favorite flavor of the rainbow from the Skittles machine.

Zedd also has a server room and a “Costco Room” that contains just about anything he would need if he weren’t able to leave the house for a long time.

The bathrooms feature automated blinds that can sometimes surprise the person taking the shower early in the morning.

The remote-controlled curtains in Zedd’s bedroom make him the happiest of any feature in the house.

Outside, the pool has a hidden jacuzzi / hot tub that’s revealed when the pool’s water level drops.

The kitchen has four built-in hibachi grills, a pot filler above the stovetop (which Zedd says is the reason he bought the house), and built-in vacuums.

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Inside Zedd’s $16 Million Mansion That Has a Skittles Machine | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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35 thoughts on “Inside Zedd's $16 Million Mansion That Has a Skittles Machine | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  1. I ll never EVER understand why people need so much space in their homes. I t looks such a depressing move to me..

  2. I am so overwhelmed by sparse empty space inside of the home. I understand minimalism but when I visit a space like this it gets me anxious. I wonder if it is the opposite of claustrophobia. I do love the resort style guest bedrooms concept and the kitchen gadgetry is superb. Central vacuuming is my dream

  3. Millions of homeless people have to sleep even in winter in the dirt on the street without protection from anyone. Why is nobody building houses like this to save homeless people?

  4. The house is a bit too "cold" for my taste. I like the Costco room, I bet he's really happy to have it right now.

  5. Who the hell is zedd? I am old and don't have time to Google it . He looks 12 and he owns that house. Where did i go wrong

  6. Stunning House! So big and so many bathrooms…you'd easily get lost in three as I said in my review of the house.

    2:00 am
    Suddenly Elsa’s voice : “ Ahahhhhhhh”
    Wakes up.
    “Get outta house Miss. Unknown”

  8. I want this house.
    And Zed has to stay in with me.
    Love this guy ♥️♥️
    He is awesome!
    Also a music genius!!

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