Kim Da Mi ♥ Park Seo Joon ~ behind the scenes moments

You can find all behind the scenes clips on jtbc’s youtube channel.
Drama & song at the end of the video.
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42 thoughts on “Kim Da Mi ♥ Park Seo Joon ~ behind the scenes moments

  1. Hello everyone! 😊
    Thank you for watching and for all your sweet comments, I appreciate every view and comment ❤
    If you are curious about the song's name, just check the end of the video, I always write the name of the song used, the name of the singer and the name of the drama in my videos.
    Thank you again! 🥰
    Stay safe 😊❤

  2. The way he looks at her is different… I've watched him behind the scene with another actress… But, Dami is the only one who makes him laugh a lot like that… Huuu…

  3. I don't mind if seojun fallin love with her, cause i already fallin love with dami since the witch subversion 💖

  4. 다른배우들은 별로 감흥도없어보이고 친해보이지도않는데 둘은완전 사귀는거처럼 달달함ㅋㅋ찐사귐? 아니걍 연기잘한다구친해보인다구

  5. I always thought that nothing could top Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung-hwa chemistry in Witch's romance. Boy, was I wrong!

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