LCK vs LPL – Show Match (ft. Faker, Doinb, TheShy, MadLife) | Day 2 2019 LoL All Star Event

LPL vs LCK – Korea vs China Show Match with Influencers lol esports All-Stars 2019.
LCK vs LPL – Pairs of 2 control keyboard and mouse – show match League of Legends All-Stars 2019 VOD.
2019 All-Star full playlist:
League of Legends S9 International All-Star – Day 2.

Team West Line-up:
Clid – top Rammus
Faker – jungle Lee Sin
Peanut – mid Ekko
NaRaKyle – bot Cassiopeia
Madlife – Supoprt Thresh

Team East Line-up:
Doinb – top Nunu
Fireloli – jungle Shyvana
Uzi – mid Vayne
TheShy – bot Kalista
cat – support Senna

Patch: 9.24 – Season 9
Game date: 06.12.2019 | 12/06/2019 | December 6th 2019
Game place: Las Vegas
Casters: Drakos and Jatt

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2019 All-Star full playlist:

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49 thoughts on “LCK vs LPL – Show Match (ft. Faker, Doinb, TheShy, MadLife) | Day 2 2019 LoL All Star Event

  1. 2019 All-Star full playlist:

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  2. 경기 자체는 lpl이 흥미진진하고 기대하게 만드는 플레이를 하는데 개인 피지컬은 lck가 넘사지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. What was wrong with LPL
    Nunu made too many mistakes like he was playing it for the first time.
    Shyvanna is my main but I would never play her in crucial games cause she is just too straight forward.
    She walks over the enemy when her team is doing well. but if it goes bad she doesn't have alot to fix the mistakes in her kit.
    Lck was playing very aggresive and safe at the same time.
    Overall the team of LPL didn't make sense almost like a troll pick.

  4. what these commentators prob dont realize is that they dont actually give a fuck about this game its just about out microing (and then snowballs happen etc). its a comparison of whose got the better hands essentially but after a season of play you get tired; except faker of course, dude is just a different beast

  5. че за пиздец, включаю другое видео в 4к все норм и грузит норм и показывает норм, а это блять видяха и еле грузиться и лагает в 1080 -_-

  6. 클리드랑 만났…네…. 페이커형….
    뭔가 이렇게보니까 새롭네
    이적한클리드와 잔류 페이커

  7. Que en años anteriores ponían a los mejores jugadores de cada región para el all star pero ahora ponen a cualquiera all star antes eras chevere

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