LED Driver 101

Welcome to the first episode of Driver ED – a Youtube channel from Applied Concepts, Inc. (ACI) detailing technical and practical concepts related to LED Drivers and LCD Backlighting. In our first Episode, LED Driver 101, we cover the fundamental principles behind our I-Drive product line and how the most efficient ways to drive LEDs.

Stay tuned for future videos covering our entire line of LED Drivers, Modified High-Bright & NVIS LED Displays, CCFL Inverters, and other products we manufacture. We will discuss how to integrate our products, troubleshooting, as well as other interesting topics and technologies related to LEDs and specifically LED Backlighting.

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28 thoughts on “LED Driver 101

  1. Good video! A question is: how does a 12v LED driver IC produce a 120v forward voltage (Vf in the video ) for the LED string? I know there are some boost thecnologies, but 12v -> 120v seems a very high boost.

  2. I'm coming from the laser hobbyists camp…if your driver isn't employed at all(direct current ungoverned or regulated) or is set at the wrong current your laser diode will blow. Love how you showed that at first you had to over come the initial leds forward voltage to get it to glow then showed the very small window it operates in and how the current flow increased.

  3. Hello I need help for led driver,
    my current Kitchen chandelier led driver is bad and need to replace with new one, the configuration of bad one is:
    Input AC 90-265V 50/60Hz
    Output: 83-120VDC, current 260mA (Constant)
    Power: 25-36X1W

    The new one I got in the market:
    Input: AC85-277V 50/60Hz
    Output: Voltage 60-120VDC, Current 300mA (Constant)
    Power 20-36 W Watt
    Can you tell me should I use new led driver (which is 40mA more) in my Kitchen led chandelier. Your advice will be highly appreciated.

  4. Hopefully other videos will be more thorough than this one. Do you need a specific driver for each output voltage? 12 V in…but 120 v out….What if you needed 100 out?

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  6. A worthy whiteboard chat….thumbs up…and all that.

    *[cue thunder sound effect]
    …at about one minute into the lesson, you speak of impedance…
    Impedance is AC phenomena,  taking into account resistance and reactance
    resulting from being driven from an AC source. Your whiteboard examples are
    being driven from DC sources…only RESISTANCE is in play here.
    As this is scripted as a tutorial in LED basics, which are DC beasts, keeping
    confusion to the new bees to a minimum is a good thing. Resistance and reactance
    are not interchangeable terms.

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