LED Line Lighting Fixture-Wide 70W | HIPPO LED X-Shaped Wide

Welcome to Hippo youtube! This video is our LED Line Lighting Fixture Wide type. (DBB070)
There is a built-in converter in the center of body, which compensates for the disadvantage that the light is cut off at the center. The converter is mounted on the rear of the lighting fixture externally to protect from the heat, thus extending the durability of the product. The outer body of the lighting fixture uses flame retardant materials. It is used a lot for interior due to its tidy and neat design. The LED Line Lighting Fixture is suitable for everywhere. According to the width of the LED Lighting Fixture, there is normal wide type and the wide type can reach 70W.
It is suitable for the superstore, pharmacy, clothing store, supermarket, billiard room, production site. etc.

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WATTAGE : 70W Type(60W)
LUMEN : Cool white – Over 5400lm (6500K)
Warm white – Over 4800lm (2700K)
EFFICACY : Over 90/80 lm/W
SIZE : 600 X 600 X 53mm

Nguồn: https://sunview.vn

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