LED-V02 Magnetic Blue LED Lighting Kit for PC Computer Case by VIVO


Illuminate your PC with VIVO’s LED light kit (blue). LED-V02 uses magnetic adhesion for firm attachment to the inside of the metal case, eliminating the need for sticky tapes or adhesives. Unlike cold cathode case lights, these LED lights work at a safe 5 volts and connect directly to the 4-pin peripheral connectors on your PC’s power supply. Tandem power cables allow great flexibility for placing the lights in the best lighting locations within the case.

This light kit includes:
(x2) 12″ 9-LED light strips
(x2) 6″ 5-LED light strips
(x2) 4-pin power cables
(x2) Tandem cables

*Please note, this kit is only compatible with steel cases as aluminum cases are non-magnetic.

Nguồn: https://sunview.vn

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