MadLife "The Thresh God" Montage || Highlights ● Plays

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MadLife thresh plays for your eyes !
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Full Credits :
Lol LCS Player
Full Credits :
Lol LCS Players :
Pro Replays :
KR LOL Replays :

➞ Songs: Intro : CHB – Funky Breeze | Video:1.Yuna – Lullabies (Adventure Club Remix) | Outro : Itro – Panda


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22 thoughts on “MadLife "The Thresh God" Montage || Highlights ● Plays

  1. What made Madlife the best Thresh wasn't only his prediction hook, it was how he was able to use the max range of every one of his abilities that made him so impressive. Perfect example is 3:54 . They banned his thresh every game for almost 2 seasons, even target banned when he streams while playing solo queue. Honestly, you got to be such a god on a champ to get target banned for so long. We need to see him again!

  2. This video give me the chills…. to go play thresh! Then i go to rank. And predict a flash hook by flashing my self. Then i land the hook! But it's on a minion…

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