My Love Don't Cross That River – O Nehri Geçme, Aşkım – Trailer – Uluslararası Kategori

There is a 200 years old house by the riverside, and a couple who have lived together for 76 years.
Mr. Byong-man Jo is 98 years old, but still strong enough to carry lots of firewood. He is so playful that sometimes makes his wife cry. When he cleans the garden, he is prone to splash leaves on his wife. When it snows, he starts a snowball fight. When his wife does the laundry at the small stream, he likes pouring water on her. The wife, Mrs. Gye-Yeul Kang is 89 years old. She still cooks three meals a day for her husband and had never fed him a cold meal.
They wear Korean traditional cloths all the time, go to the aged college twice a week, go to market every five days, go for a picnic with neighbors, and enjoy dance parties. They are still young.
Recently, he is getting weak day by day, and sleeps a lot. When she wakes him up for a meal, he acts irritated and speaks ill of her. This changes make her scary, frightened and lonely. She thinks he is trying to make her dislike him because it’s about time to pass away.
She often looks at the river in silence. 40 years ago, they moved here across the river, and when their 6 sons and daughters got married, they went across the river. Her husband will go across the river one day leaving her behind.

Yönetmen / Director: Moyoung JIN


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