Mỹ Tâm – Gởi Tình Yêu Của Em (LETTER TO MY LOVE) M/V

Music Video by My Tam performing “Gởi Tình Yêu Của Em (LETTER TO MY LOVE)”. ©2013 MT Entertainment Records. All rights reserved.

– Composer: My Tam
– Executive Producer: MT Entertainment
– Producer Director: Phan Thi My Tam
– Music Producer: Cho Sung Jin – My Tam
– Assistant Producer: Lee Yoo Sung
– Recording Studio: VIBE Studio
– Vocal Recording Studio: MT Studio
– Mixing Engineer: Kwak Jung Sin
– Recording Engineer: Tuan Billy
– Master Studio: Viet Tan Studio
– Arrangers: Cho Sung Jin, Lee Yoo Sung, Kim Young Chul, Lee Young Jun, Hoai Sa, Tan Phong, Tam Vinh, Hoang Nha
– String Arrangement: Cho Sung Jin, Lee Yoo Sung, Kim Young Chul
– Guitar: Sam Lee, Hong Jun Ho
– Piano: Choi Tae Wan, Lee Yoo Sung, Cho Sung Jin, Gil Eun Kyung
– Drum: Kang Su Ho, Ko Jung Won
– Bass: Lee Yoo Sung, Vail Son Min
– Saxophone: Quang Thanh
– English Lyrics: Erik T.
– Chorus: My Tam
– Style & Costume: Nightingale


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