Overlord: Raising Hell – Longplay (Evil Path) (Part 1 of 2) Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)

Overlord Raising Hell ah Overlord 1 one of my favorite games, this game just is so much fun. Sending your minions into there death and doom. Charging in yourself, I just love the mix of RTS and action. Pretty good story as well, with some twists and turns. In part 1 here I get just over half way through the game. Anyways without further a doo I hope you enjoy this longplay.

Gameplay recorded by Quaver

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29 thoughts on “Overlord: Raising Hell – Longplay (Evil Path) (Part 1 of 2) Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary)

  1. If you interested in watching other Overlord games I've played, here is a link to a playlist of them.

    —-> https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWC6-binampYNBob_bY7sYQWRU17I-Lpx

  2. This is like a fusion of Pikmin and Fable which is amazing! I think that's why I loved this game so much when I was younger

  3. one of the best games of my life,everything is so unique about this game,the minion controlling,the way the humor is played in the game makes it even more fun!

  4. A bit late here, but I always thought it was strange that the middle class balding men citizens of Heavens Peak for some reason don't have health indicators like the rest of the other human variations.

  5. "Don`t you go messing up our village..!" Overlord stops after a little running..turns around, and messes it up big time xD xD xD

  6. At around 5:07:14
    Just what was the strategy for this area intended to be?
    You got the birds on one side, who serve no purpose for being there, and the snake thing that just gets free kills.
    The hell?

  7. Hey man if you still here
    How do I open the abyss of mellow hills I killed melvin and there is nothing I didn't open the abyss what should I do ?

  8. I remember this game I remember I would just kill everything and start to noticed I was growing spike’s in my shoulder’s

  9. Meansville While the village is getting slaughterd man these halflang didnt eat all the food did they

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