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PC lampshade LED fluorescent lamp is an LED lamp accessories, is to better gather the light so that the light is more concentrated, has excellent electrical insulating properties, elongation, dimensional stability and chemical resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance; also has self-extinguishing, flame retardant, non-toxic, coloring.
1. With high light transmittance, high diffusion, No glare, no light;
2. The light source concealment excellent (effective diffusion rate and transmission rate adjustment, see light beads under the premise of the maximum transmission rate);
3. The light transmission rate of 94%;
4. having a high flame retardancy;
5. having a high impact strength;
6. LED bulb suitable for use;
7. The implementation will turn into spherical point light source to emit light.
PC lamp production line
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At present, main raw material of LED lampshade is PC polycarbonate, this material has excellent weather resistance, resistance to deformation performance and good light transmittance.LED lampshade
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