PS5 And Xbox X Will Force Major Upgrades

The Extra Costs for the PS5 And XBox Series X will be staggeringly higher than you think! FPS, upgraded SSD’s, heck even a new TV! All this just for you to properly enjoy your new console!

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Purchasing the newest game console is never as simple as just buying the console. Of course, there are games to purchase, but we’re diving even deeper into everything you NEED for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Yep, today we’re talking all about TVs. You still getting used to the amazing visuals of a 4K TV? Well, get ready to enter the world of 8K. Yeah, the TV you will own probably hasn’t even gone into production yet, that’s how fast the technology is moving. But, by the time Sony and Microsoft’s newest consoles hit store shelves, so will a wide range of 8K televisions from companies like Samsung and Sony.

The graphics go far beyond just 8K quality. Frame refresh rates and incredible graphics will present games like we’ve NEVER seen them before. But there are a ton of other accessories to add to your collection as well. Consider the purchase of a solid state drive. The speed of a solid state drive makes loading time a breeze and you’ll want plenty of space to download all your favorite games. Want faster downloads? Consider upping your internet speeds. The monthly fees will eliminate a whole lot of frustrations.

Join us at the Gamer as we dive deep into everything you need for one of the new consoles and the prices you will pay for the items. This includes some exclusive information on the PS5’s newest DualShock controller and some features XBox is not even ready to talk about yet!

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36 thoughts on “PS5 And Xbox X Will Force Major Upgrades

  1. These new consoles won’t do 8K games. It’s like the Xbox One S with 4K support, it’s there but certainly not for games. Unless you wanna play games with PS2 graphics at 8K, which is just stupid.

  2. 1:25 A tv doesn’t capture the true potential of a console or pc… a monitor does, as a pc master race even I find this comment grotesque. ( insert fancy Patrick meme)

  3. The xbox is one ugly looking console 🤢👎🤮 now the playstation is going to be Sexy beautiful That's already a given ❤👍

  4. I have cooper network with 500Mb download but up to 10Mb upload, i want the fiber network to get better upload when i am streaming becuse i want to stream on 4k in the future, when the fiber network will be in my area i will get it…

  5. Sorry but those Samsung TV's are not actually 8K. It's a lie. As of my research in Dec when I bought my new TV. Only LG's 8k actually is certified to meet or exceed the requirements to be certified actual 8K. At the time Samsungs supposed 8k TVs were not even close. Just a bunch of tricks and software to try and fool people into wasting their cash to find out later that they got screwed. All to let Samsung be the first to snatch your cash for the 8K catch phrase.

    Do your homework before buying a TV. Its confusing as hell and mostly a ton of misleading jargon to keep you from comparing not only different TV's from opposing manufacturers but also from the same manufacturer. Wonder why that TV at Walmart/Sam's Club is so much cheaper that the ones at Best Buy? Try finding the same model at Best Buy and you'll be searching forever amongst what looks like the same features but at a much higher price. Much closer scrutiny reveals that the TV's at box stores are much lower quality models and will probably never grace the store shelves at Best Buy or your local electronics retailer. They are also not even worth the cheap price due to the inevitable lack of features, refresh rates, and compatibility that you're actually looking for. Do your homework.

    Only 1 tv is certified 8K at my time of research. LG owns that TV. Not Samsung. Do your homework dont get suckered just because is has 8K plastered on the box.

  6. They will possibly stream at 8k not game at 8k. So 8k TV gaming is still not going to happen. At least not this upcoming generation.

  7. Ok, this is not as bad as this when you look at everything with a clear mind. The PS5 will have as much 8K support as the PS3 had support for 1080P content which is really not much to be honest and will not be worth the upgrade unless you are a sport games fan and even then, it's a big maybe. You will be just fine for most of the content with a good 4K tv with HDR you will pick on sale at the Black Friday. As for the PS VR, there is already an hidden resolution inside the headset where you can look at High definition content that goes fairly beyond 1080P already and you can even test this with some youtube videos that support it and the result is quite surprising, especially for the price of the headset, so this make it partially future proof as the only reason it is not supported by the current games is the power from the PS4 itself. For the solid state drive, just be a little patient until it is a bit less pricey, since it is simply a matter of time and the games will even give you the option to install separate portions of them with only the single player or the same thing with multiplayer for exemple, so you can get through this issue with a bit of patience and good data management and you can even possibly get a 2 TB with your console if you don't buy it day one. The battery life of your controler might be an issue, but just like the current console, you can gain a few hours just by tweeking with the options for your controller power management and I'm sure you will have those options here again. If you want to uppgrade to the next generation, you can play strategically in order to avoid that process to cost you an arm in the long run.

  8. I think the LG c9 would be perfect for next gen consoles. Cuz it has hdmi 2.1 in all the ports and brings 4k 120fps.

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