PWM DC Motor Speed Controller | LED Dimmer Using NE555

Components :
# NE555 Timer

# MJE3055T Transistor

# 220uF 25v Electrolytic Capacitor

# Zero PCB

# 2 x 103uF Ceramic Capacitor

# 2 x 1N4007 Diode

# 2 x 1K Resistor

# 2 x 100K Potentiometer

# 2 x LED Red or Green

# Schematic Url

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555 PWM. Simple Circuits.
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25 thoughts on “PWM DC Motor Speed Controller | LED Dimmer Using NE555

  1. Simple and beautiful project, thanks for sharing it with us. As a request I would like to ask you that if you can leave us a small diagram, drawing or photo of how you made the connections of each component in the copper layer? … many of us can not read and understand the circuits well and ended with committing errors when I connect and weld the components.

  2. bro..! En el esquema no viene el capacitor electrolitico, donde va conectado y de que valor es..?

  3. Can you make an video over mechanical pedal washing machine.. on principal of Niel kerns washing machine

  4. I love the 555 for pwm dimming of a constant current regulation chip. I built, hoping to incorporate into a single 18650 small tube light. The cost for parts from DigiKey was $29. I built one on breadboard and not on board. I concluded that I could make it to the 1cm cubed specification needed to fit a practical space. Come on, I thought, it is 2016, and no out of the box 1 cm3 chip yet? Plus, electronic parts are now impossible to get locally. So, I can't get a single cell light with acceptable regulation that meets the needs. The LT8500 chip looks like it might work for $6, but only a EE graduate with 5 years of experience in the field of Texas instruments could understand the wiring and pdf. A bit of overkill too, but only chip I could dig up outside of the 555…..may be someday I will attempt again to build it, and next time, shrink the size to a 1cm by 1 cm square, cube. Plus dimming probably use led supply pot for size. I am trying to control 2 or 3x amc7135, no more. Probably, 700 ma max, since the extra AMC adds only %20 to perception, but steals a huge amount of runtime, and generates, like, double the heat. . At about 560 ma and under, the heat from a 202 lpw led, is minimal. But go from 560 ma to 700 ma, and you get little gain, but a huge increase in the heat.

  5. i want to use this circuit to dim 10 high power 3w led's with forward voltage of 3.4v~3.6v each and forward current 600mA-650mA what modifications should i do

  6. Hi sir. M n is circuit ka bldc fan ka dimmer bana kar use kiya to ic burn ho gyi. Lekin brush motor ko oprate kar raha hai. Why. Plz reply

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