QuinLED: Taking a look at COB LED strip

The world of LEDs never stops and today we’re taking a look at some new style COB LED strip. Instead of using SMD packages it looks like one smooth line of light, let’s take a closer look at it!

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🌟 COB LED strip shown in video:
🌟 COB LED strip from BTF-Lighting:

🌟 QuinLED.info My favorite white LED strips:

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📚 QuinLED.info about the color white and CRI:
📚 QuinLED.info about 24v LED strip and voltage drop:

For boards such as the Quad and Deca mentioned in the video, see front-page of

TheFatRat – Xenogenesis

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16 thoughts on “QuinLED: Taking a look at COB LED strip

  1. to fix double edges in your video select all clips, right click – switches – disable resample. it is common vegas error.

  2. Would appreciate a video on what quality double sided tape for LED strips to use. Especially when the strips are glued heads down under a table or from the ceiling the original tape on the strips is not capable of staying put. I believe it is due to the heat generated by the strips, the glue becomes less sticky and after some time the strip comes lose and drops.

  3. Hi, are you planning to complete the "CCT LED strip (Selectable white color)" section on the quinled website ? Because i am interested in knowing good CCT led strips with good CRI (at least for warm and neutral white colors).
    Anyways, thanks a lot for the valuable info on the website and the buying recommendations.

  4. Quindor, Great, informative video. These COB LED strips provide for even more applications/design solutions for LED strips. Thanks for sharing the info! 👍

  5. First! My life is now complete and no virus in the world can take this experience away from me! 😉 #IndoorFunJustIsntTheSame

  6. I got a few meters of them in white and red, the 12v 320Leds/meter.
    To use it for lighting on my Urban Arrow cargobike.

  7. hello, I have seen all your videos and they are super cool
    can you suggest the board for dimming the spotlights (cob lights) which are in the ceiling and also for the downlights as well. thank you.
    I have used many circuits but they get flicker.

  8. The yellow material is a phosphor coating. The LED's in COB's usually are focused more in the Blue colour and they use the phosphor coating to make the colour warmer.
    The are fabulous for using in places where the strip is visible or where a diffuser may not be possible. There is a lot less glare from the LED's also.

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