~Review~ TEQStone 6-Switch LED Light Bar Panel with Volt Meter USB & Cig Lighter 4 Truck, Jeep, Boat

This TEQStone switch panel is built with quality components.
The switches themselves are either Carling or Carling Clone switches which normally cost about $10 each.
The voltmeter reads within .1V of my Craftsman multimeter.

I tested the USB ports using a constant current load resistor and a USB multimeter. Both ports were capable of sustained output at 2.5amps without any voltage drop. Most USB devices like phones and tablets hardly ever draw more than an amp for a long period of time. Based on my tests, I would feel confident plugging 2 of my most power-hungry devices in at the same time.

The switches are already screen printed with icons and text. Most are light oriented which is why this switch panel would be particularly suited for a truck or jeep. You could easily remove the screen printed labels with some goof off, or cover them with electrical tape. Personally I will probably just leave them all as-is and remember that the “Zombie Lights” switch controls my flux capacitor.

This switch panel is made with quality components. I have purchased and used each one of these 4 components in other projects and know first hand that they are pricey. Getting all of them in one package for this price is a good deal.

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38 thoughts on “~Review~ TEQStone 6-Switch LED Light Bar Panel with Volt Meter USB & Cig Lighter 4 Truck, Jeep, Boat

  1. I would have put the ignition onto a relay and then the contacts of the relay would come direct from the battery to the switch panel. By rights, each one of them should operate a relay as a relay has better current switching than a switch mechanism.

  2. Ummmm, where are the relays dude, fuse or no fuse it's definitely safer to run all of your fused wires and relays outside from the cab. Fuse tap the switches from something useless and run the wire to the relay under the hood. I hope you don't catch your dash on fire

  3. I have the same setup but with 8 switches. Haven't figured out a way to mount mine yet either. They should offer a box enclosure to mount it in for much easier installation…However, they're actually designed for Marine applications in a boat so it would be installed directly into a dash in a boat where in a car you most likely don't have space to cut out to install in a dash in a car.

  4. If they are Carling clones you can get replacement covers with anything printed on them online. Also available @ O'REILLY and other parts stores.

  5. It says has built-in overload protection but exactly how does that take place because I don’t see any type of a relay or fuse or anything to support that?

  6. Only thing i'm going to say is, it is never a good idea to tie into a factory harness in any way. Always, always run your own wire to the battery or a secondary power source.

  7. This is the 4th video about the switches and they are all being fitted by nob heads that don't know anything about vehicle wiring. He's talking shit, what the switches are or what you run from them has nothing to do with your fuse size. It's all about the cable you use nob

  8. 30A fuse???? Dude! Those don't look like 10awg wires (but hey I could be wrong). Your going to have wires catch fire long before that fuse blows if those are less than 10 gauge…

  9. Do you have an ashtray or panty holder? 3 of my 4 aux switches are taken and looking to install something similar in place of the panty holder

  10. Wire switches to relay bank instead fuse. The fuse goes next to battery or power distribution block for higher amp 12v input to relays

  11. I am hooking this up on a marine boat to a deep cycle battery do i use the positive wire to this panel or is it to the negative?

  12. I'm installed one similar to this in my truck and when I turn off the engine my voltmeter and usb port is still on. will this kill my battery?

  13. You should look into an LE or First Responder console… For the Superduty, I know there are a few options…

    It would take up the space under the upfitter switches or you could go with a full console…

  14. Hi Mate, nice vid! Do you know if the switches have the same cutout size as the genuine carling switches/accessories? I'd love to have 3 cig lighter plugs and swap 1 or 2 of the switches for the USB port carling clones! Thanks!

  15. with the truck off wouldn't the lights on the switches and the volt meter kill the battery ? or do u have it powered by a fuse tap that turned off when the car is off

  16. would it be necessary to have each accessory fused? if so would inline fuses be the best/simplest way?

  17. Guys I am afraid to make any changes like create extra bottoms cos its make a big mass or its destroy the electric system in the car so tell me does it break anything in the car or not

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