State of Decay Day One Edition Part 1 – "I Did My Homework Guys!!!" 1080p PC Gameplay

Let’s Play State of Decay YOSE Day One Edition! This is a “Hermit’s Week With State of Decay” gameplay series, which means I will play and review the game for 7 days/episodes. If you guys really love it and the likes/views are high, we’ll turn it into a full blown series! If not…we toss it and find another game 😉

About State of Decay YOSE Day One Edition:

State of Decay, along with major Add-Ons Breakdown and Lifeline, is now fully remastered in stunning 1080p. New missions, weapons, and extra content, along with improved lighting, textures, animations and combat mechanics, will pull you even deeper into the post-outbreak world. How will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Make your stand against the collapse of society in the ultimate zombie survival-fantasy game. Explore an open world full of dangers and opportunities that respond to your every decision. Recruit a community of playable survivors, each with their own unique skills and talents. Design and fortify your base against the relentless hordes of the undead. Perform daring raids for food and ammunition, and do whatever it takes to live another day.

Outro Music by Elybeatmaker! Full song here:

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The “Generikb Desktop” Specs:

Case: Corsair Graphite Series 230T Gaming Case-Orange

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7 4930K Processor (6x 3.40GHz/12MB L3 Cache)
Cooling: Corsair Hydro Series H60 Liquid CPU Cooling System

Memory: 32 GB DDR3-1600 Memory Module-Corsair Vengeance

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 3GB

Motherboard: MSI X79A-GD45 Plus– 5x PCI-E x16, and 6x SATA 6Gb/s

Power Supply: 750 Watt – Corsair RM750 – 80 PLUS Gold

Primary Hard Drive: 240 GB Corsair Force GS SSD

Data Hard Drive: 2 TB WD Black HARD DRIVE 64M Cache, 7200rpm, 6.0Gb/s


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47 thoughts on “State of Decay Day One Edition Part 1 – "I Did My Homework Guys!!!" 1080p PC Gameplay

  1. I just started game, huge potential which in my opinion

    Only reach 30%,

    outposts only use are traps has no other purpose, can't sleep, can not upgrade your clothes for better armour, survivors in your base don't do any thing, limited what you can build in some of your base and so on

  2. Watching this after playing state of decay 2 makes me wonder how in the heck did undead labs screw this one out 🙁

  3. This video was awesome, I have a full state of decay 2 walkthrough on my channel if anyone wants to check it out 🙂

  4. I was much interested in this game till I realized the real time clock thing, that gets a big NOPE from me, don't know why companies think putting that dumb mechanic in their games is a good thing.

  5. So, if you can't play everyday, your settlement could be destroyed. That kinda really sucks cow patties.

  6. 75% down now on steam – only 7 bucks! And Call of Pripyat for 5 bucks. Now I don't know what to play sooner 😀

  7. Back when state of decay came out I bought it then later in like 2016 I bought year one edition so I am waiting for state of decay 2

  8. don't like that real time clock mechanic thing, imo its just bs, its just the devs way of saying play our game all the time or we will ruin all your hard work and make you start from scratch

  9. Ohh btw for the people that don't like the real time thing (me) okay I haven't gotten the game but I really want to but the real time thing ehhhh I don't like it because It's not like I have all the time in my hands to play a lot
    But someone on steam, in the reviews said he/she was able to save and didn't play for a couple months and everyone and everything was just how he/she left it….

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