Subaru Impreza WRX LED 13 inch lightbar install video

THIS is the LED light bar I installed:
HERE Is the wire harness:
Let me know if those links stop working!

This video I will explain the basics of installing an LED light bar on your Subaru Impreza WRX. I decided to go with a bumper installation on this car, as it could be easily removed if the owner decided to take the light bar off his vehicle.

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23 thoughts on “Subaru Impreza WRX LED 13 inch lightbar install video

  1. I thought this was supposed to be a spot beam led bar? The pattern on your neighbors house looks more like a floodlight. Can you show us a shot of the light on road?

  2. for all intents and purposes are auxiliary lights must go through the battery? Is there a voltage li it that standard batteries can power or because it is powered by the car engine and alternator you can pretty much install a frigging stadium level flood light if you wanted?

  3. I have an 03' Forester that has a similar hole in the firewall and I was wondering where it comes through. If anyone can help that would be great thanks!

  4. I've recently had to buy a new harness b/c I accidentally fried wires on the previous one. My problem now is that when I turn it off, the LED bar still stays lit, but very dim.

  5. great install vid. just finished mine. the switch "power" red colored indicator is always on? i take it thats a minimal draw while it stays on right?

  6. So when you have your ignition off and key out. Does the red light on the light bar switch stays on???? And wouldn't that drain the battery over night..

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