Syska FAB 4001 Fan Shaped Base B22 40 Watt LED Bulb Unboxing Review & Test

Syska FAB 4001 Fan Shaped Base B22 40 Watt LED Bulb, Syska Lumiwings Fan Shaped led bulb Unboxing Review and Test

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in this video watch a very cool designed led bulb from syska jo ki khuch din pahle hi india me launch hua hai, es video me app es product ka unboxing review aur test dekhenge, mai apko recommend karta hun ki ye bulb aap apne kisi bhi studio me video ya fhir photo lighting ke liye use ker sakte hai, video pasand aaye to video ko like share keren, ayse hi aur kamaal ke videos ke liye mere channel pe visit ker mere channel ko subscribe jarur karen.

Product description-
Syska fan shaped 40W Led Bulb can be used in multi-angles as its comes with hinge type folding mechanism.

From the manufacturer-
Foldable / Flexible Design
LuminWings fan type LED bulb is designed to bring flexibility in lighting to your living spaces. The bulb can be folded like an umbrella to give direction to the light like focus on a specific area or spread the light uniformly across a desired space.

Energy Saving & Low Heating-
LumiWings fan type LED bulb saves upto 90% of energy when compared to conventional lights. This beautiful lighting fixture also has a very low heating threshold. While it consumes less electricity it also has a very low heating point thus keeping your spaces very cool.

B22 base-
LumiWings fan type LED bulb comes with a B22 base. This means that you don’t need to change your bulb holder to use LumiWings. It will fit into your regular bulb holder.

4000 Lumens Of Brightness-
LumiWings fan type LED bulb gives you a very bright 100 lumens per watt. In total, the bulb provides about 4000 Lumens of sheer brightness to your wok or living space that too at a cool day light colour temperature of 6500K.

Life Long Companion-
The bulb is Long Lasting and is made with environmentally safe materials. It is also mercury and lead free. It does not emit harmful UV or Infra-red rays. It has a life span of upto 50,000 lighting hours. So, you can relax and not worry about changing your bulb for the next few years.

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