The State of Budget LED Grow Lights. A Guide to LED Lights. Mars Hydro TS1000 vs Spiderfarmer SF1000

Grow light for indoor plants, indoor growing, seed starting and vegetables. We look at the State of Budget LED Grow Lights. A Guide to LED Lights and comparing the Mars Hydro TS1000 to the Spiderfarmer SF1000. Which is the best..?

Today we learn how not to pronounce efficacy!
Hoocho guides you through the current state of LED grow lights. We compare Spiderfarmer SF1000 vs Mars Hydro TS1000

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43 thoughts on “The State of Budget LED Grow Lights. A Guide to LED Lights. Mars Hydro TS1000 vs Spiderfarmer SF1000

  1. Just found your channel and i just prefer the way you come across you made my mind up iprefer the hydro

  2. What is your take on the QBs on Alibaba with the same meanwell drivers and Samsung 301 LEDs at a lower cost?

  3. Samsung lm301b and cree 5630 are about the same In efficiency.
    Cree, vero and luminous COBs are just as good as discrete diodes.

    Epistar is not that good.

    You can go higher than 50% efficiency.

    You will get more light and about the same if not less heat from two cobs running at 50w than that panel.
    Plus you get better penetration with cobs.
    The cobs are like 25 bucks now.
    You can get four cobs and heatsinks and a driver for a few bucks more than that panel and have quadruple the power available to you and still be in the high end as far as efficiency goes.

  4. Do you have a loicence for that knife?
    HAHA! kidding! Thanks for the informative video. Seriously considering Mars Hydro LED and tent 🙂

  5. Great video, explained this well for me, I am still going to go with water cooled LED, great info.

  6. I just purchased the sf1000 to replace a viparspectra600w light. Would the sf be hotter for my grow tent than the viparspectra? It’s a 4x2x5 tent and I’m consistently at 85 degrees, with a 4” exhaust and 6” intake

  7. You need to test the real quantum boards from HGL special the 648 Diablo complete made by Samsung with the special diodes for horticulture

  8. Thank you for the video. It's a massive help. Hope you don't take mind me saying, but efficacy is pronounced eff-ick-issy. Cheers again.

  9. Excellent light but FYI not for indoor greenhouse use. Had one set up an a small 2x2x5 greenhouse. Raised the internal temp to 105f in the first hour and half. Hated returning a product built with top of the line components, but building a forced air vent system would have defeated the purpose (high humidity) of the greenhouse. Ended up replacing with 4- 2ft t5 lights and honestly need more light. The SF 1000 is great for open air spaces, not so great for enclosed spaces.

  10. One 120mm computer fan facing down on SpiderFarmer driver ( laying on the driver ) has the sf-1000 temps as follows

    Room temp 70 f
    Reflector top 75 f
    Driver temp 83 f

    If that helps anyone.

  11. Hi, I have an 80×80×180 tent and i am thinking about buying one of those lights, is 1 TS1000 or SF1000 enough ?

  12. Cheers mate! I just got a SF and I grow asian vegetables inside to keep them away from all the bugs outside (dont like using chemicals on them) It's a great little affordable light.

  13. do you have any information about durability of the units? i read the mars hydro fail often and the driver may be a fire hazard which sounds not good but i want to detach it from the light so it may not be a problem? also i dont want to buy a spider farmer because you cant detach the driver and i think i need the dim feature, but the rest sounds better about it. dont want to spend a lot of money tough, just starting into hydroponics. also does the metal hood really has any benefit concerning light direction like mars hydro claims over the plain one the spider farmer has?

  14. Where did you get the ladder bookshelves you're using for support? They look really nice and keep it very neat

  15. New subscriber, loving the videos. As mentioned with the cooling fan, you can buy very cheap brushless computer fans and marry them to a small solar panel. Both of those are on ebay for only a few dollars each. 🙂

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