The Storm100 by VaporStorm

This is the Storm100 100 watt box mod by Vaporstorm. Sent over free for the purpose of this review by the manufacturer. Once you get past the garish vinyl wood sticker, the silly nomenclature, and the somewhat over-the-top company name, it’s not too bad, tho. Where it really shines is in the ergonomics. It’s one very comfortable device to hold in the hand. And it’s cheap.

The Storm100 at MyVapeDeal… apparently it’s in leather there. “Leather”

Vape on, Vapers!
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27 thoughts on “The Storm100 by VaporStorm

  1. Hi Josh, Thanks for the review. And please know that 3 clicks to TC mode. And 2 more clicks to switch from centigrade to Fahrenheit. 🙂

  2. i think it look alot better without a sticker because besides that it seems to be comfortable thanks for the vid brother

  3. poor quality sticker lol, batt life good tough so that's a plus
    and with an accurate chip it's a good device overall

  4. I agree with you Josh. It does not look good with that fake wood sticker. If I got one, I definitely would get the red. I don't mind a mod that only goes to 100 watts. I mostly only average around 45 to 60 watts. I do though like a warmer vape I'm finding. Just don't feel like I know enough yet to go into temp mode.

  5. hey man, did you hear about that guy who is sewing a vape shop for selling him a faulty segeli spark? apparently, it blew up in his pocket while carrying it and now he wants $50,000. if I remember correctly, the lawyer is saying the shop didn't advise his client of the safety risks and how to handle these risks, like battery safety and so on, as well as selling him non segeli parts to mix with the mod. I'm assuming they sold him a tank that was a different brand. anyway they also said the shop was at fault for selling a product with faulty safety features that should have been working to avoid this issue. the article says the majority of cases like this happen when charging and carrying the item around not stored properly for travel. most if not all the cases I knew about involved user error like using a tank on a mech mod or hybrid mech mod and getting a short or not knowing ohms law while they build. but this case was a box mod. do you have any opinions on this? sorry I don't want to spread propaganda around and anyone reading this do your own research if you are worried about this. the number of cases is very low considering how many people vape so I think like most news stories it's going to worry people but it's not a reason to stay away from vaping. I'm curious to know a pros opinion, since that's basically what you are. 🙂

  6. how can you comment on things being unoriginal when you yourself rock a jew fro and '03 fuck boy chin straps 24/7 ? I pray for the day you become a man and grow an actual beard and get a hair cut.

  7. Josh you da man. thanks for the review, I am sure I would not even have considered this mod without your review. Peace out

  8. Josh, from C to F just klik 3x again, yes it does Fahrenheit not only Celsius. just to inform you Josh good review btw.

  9. it's a nice design maybe not executed in the best way with the sticker an company branding definitely interesting though might wanna see what they come with next

  10. these chinese companies all need to hire one English speaking,western born and raised,they would save a fortune from not making all the mistakes that cost them,but they wont pay one westerner when they can use the same amount of money and hire 15 more Chinese workers

  11. I like that you pointed that out, about how the rda/tanks etc. rests on the 510 and not the mod. I hate the fact that on all my devices they does that. I get they want it to be flush but have it be flush with the 510 and not the mod, cause then you get marks on your mod from rdas/tanks etc. I really wish more companies would take notice and do it like that too.

  12. I've never owned a built in battery mod before but it just hit me….. you would need 2 of them to keep vaping once the battery goes dead!? That would drive me nuts.

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