Thresh Montage – The God 2020

Thresh Montage – The God 2020
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Elektronomia – The Other Side [NCS Release]
ROY KNOX x WTCHOUT – Shadows (Feat. Sviivan) [NCS Release]
NIVIRO – You [NCS Release]
2SCOOPS – Donuts [NCS Release]
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Which Katarina player is the best?

Which Lee Sin player is the best?

Which Thresh player is the best?

Which Yasuo player is the best?

Which Kindred player is the best?


Check him out:
For the champion main montage videos, there are requirements!
Make sure you have all this requirements for a champion main montage video:

– Be at least Platinum, Diamond, Master, Challenger Elo/tier.
– Have more than 500k mastery points in one champion.
– Have an amount of your BEST plays ready to do a video between 7-10 minutes.
– Your videos have to be in HD (1080p or 720p).
– If you record in spectator mode you must remove everything from the screen! Make the record as clean as possible!
– Make sure your plays include: predictions, penta kills, quadra kills, 1 vs 2/3, team fights, awesome moments, jokes, etc.

Please note this!
– As you may know, i have a lot of montage video requests at the moment and i can´t work for everyone at the same time… So, i created a waiting list where i put your in game nickname, your main champion and the number of mastery points you have on that champion.
– Every time someone send me a request it will be added to that list, so it will fairly create a place for everyone.
– If you don´t want to wait for your turn and wanna be in my next video, you can donate me and i will put you on top of the list!

If you have all this message me on my facebook page or my email and let me know your in game nickname, your main champion, the number of mastery points you have on that champion and if you can donate!

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For questions about copyright issues please contact us by email. I will treat it according to the copyright policy of youtube


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31 thoughts on “Thresh Montage – The God 2020

  1. Hey guys i am looking for thresh main to duo with me in euw i was gold 1 last season if there is any one just reply me iam bronze 1 now
    72% win ratio with draven

  2. Cringe hepsi sıçra veya gölge oldugu yere bi kaisa u atarken huk atsalar alkışlarım mesela arkasına doğru kaisa tam ucacakken felan

  3. And donating to be shown in the next video makes me wonder if you just put " plays " into your videos for just the money you get from YouTube…

  4. Thresh play: Misses every ability still getting into the montage. You'd better make a 7 minute video constructed with good plays than a 14 minutes video with just kills.

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