USB Fan LED Clock Light – Different Views

Plug and play, Just plug the LED Clock Fan into USB Port (Any Device) And it will Glow as well as power the fan to produce bursts of cool…
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Adjustable USB Gadget Mini LED Light USB Fan Clock High Quality

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47 thoughts on “USB Fan LED Clock Light – Different Views

  1. this is open sourced if you look for it and really simple to make if your into learning new things…

  2. Can you turn off the clock like so that it doesn’t show you the time but the fan would still work

  3. how it work,easy it use eye persistance to draw the display with the led line on the rotating blade
    a bit like how old crt tv works.
    to bad it doesnt have a 2nd led strip a bit ofsentered on the other blade,it could double resolution or even display 3d images.

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