Vulkan in Rainbow 6 Siege – NGON

So what exactly is Vulkan and what does adding it to Rainbow 6 Siege mean for you? Luckily, to answer those questions the smart people over on the Rainbow 6 team passed on some information to help us break down the technical details about what this implementation brings to the game. Learn more in the Rainbow 6 blog!



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37 thoughts on “Vulkan in Rainbow 6 Siege – NGON

  1. i habe a good pc but the input lag was on another lvl… with vulkan now i habe 25 fps more in avrg than before and the input lag is gone..

  2. I wasn't able to run Siege on uncapped frame rates, because when I do its melts my CPU and causes discord to lag. But with vulkan that issue was fixed.

  3. I have a 2080 ti but when I start the regular version of siege. The graphics card registers as an intel uhd 630 which is very outdated. But when i start the vulkan version, the graphics card registers as a 2080 ti. So how can i make the regular version of siege register my graphics card as a 2080 ti

  4. Please do not rely on Windows Update to give you the newest graphics card driver. Always check your vendor's website (Nvidia, AMD, Intel) for the newest driver updates. As a Vulkan developer myself (not working on this game), outdated drivers are one of the most common reason for the biggest bugs

  5. Would have been nice to have this about a year ago when I was CPU bottlenecked. Big oof. The next best time is now I guess 😛

  6. Tip; try to avoid the glare in your glasses coming from your monitor, it’s a little distracting.

    Other than that, nice video.

  7. I have less fps while playing with vulkan
    On the normal rainbow six I have about 170 fps
    But on the vulkan version I have about 100 fps

  8. mein spiel stürzt beim start immer ab wenn ich es mit vulkan starte.
    ich habe es zwei mal zum laufen gebracht und war sehr happy, da ich mit vulkan endlich keine fps-einbrüche mehr hatte.
    leider schaffe ich es nicht mehr rb6 mit vulkan zu starten, da immer eine absturzmeldung kommt.
    wenn ich es ganz normal starte funktioniert das spiel zwar, aber meine fps gehen trotz niedriger einstellung zeitweise in den keller.
    was soll ich machen, dass vulkan das spiel startet?

  9. The Vulkan API is far better than Siege's original one. I love the improved minimum fraterates. I'm dropping a video shortly of my results. Thanks Ubisoft!

  10. when i choose r6-vulkan it says im running on a unsupported video driver and says i need to update it. how do i fix it?

  11. Im trying to launch Vulcan but the game won’t launch and instead it just stays in the starting screen ( the not fullscreen one)

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