White LED vs Red Blue White LED Grow Test w/Time Lapse – Lettuce Ep.1

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The white LED brand is Roleadro. It is 115 watts at the wall. The Blurple light is 130 watts at the wall and is generic brand. Info for these lights can be found in the links below.

I used the nutrient trio from General Hydroponics. I started off with a seedling dose and then jumped to the aggressive vegetative dose after the plants had their first few sets of true leaves. I started the test off with 6 gallons of water in the container and ended with a little over 3 gallons. The entire grow was over a period of almost exactly 1 month in a consistent ambient temperature of 68F.

The PAR output was kept under 300um of light at the plant canopy with a short period of slightly over 400um in the highest spots, but was adjusted quickly. This is when the minor tip burn occurred. The PAR output on the lights was almost identical and the center PAR measurements are 1000um/6″ – 400um/12″ – 200um/18″ on both lights. The type of lettuce was “Black Seeded Simpson” from Burpee.

The time lapse camera used was a Brinno TLC 200 Pro with the kit lens. 1 photo every ten minutes. The night cycle was removed in post and the remaining clips were sped up in post by roughly 200%. If you look closely you can see most of the growth actually happens at night. The lighting hours were 17 on.

Nutrients –
White Light –
Blurple Light –

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