Wiring up to SIX LED Light Bars & Accessories to ONE Switch Panel

One of many videos coming out in the next week about the details of the Dodgemahal before we kick off the Canada/Alaska vlogs! Check out the links below for any products talked about in the video:

42″ light bar for $42:

Suitech Relay System:

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20 thoughts on “Wiring up to SIX LED Light Bars & Accessories to ONE Switch Panel

  1. Just started watching a couple of your videos, looks good. I built a similar setup. I like the back lit controller. I went with a waterproof fuse block tucked into the rack. All the grounds can hook to it and then 1 ground down to the frame. My front bar took its own power wire to it but the sides and rear run off a heavy power going to the fuse block also.

  2. I would highly recommend taking off the front casing of those light bars and putting clear silicone to seal it they will leak. Mine were broken within 6 months

  3. Love the cheap light bars ! I think I may have mounted them under the rack instead of over to help protect them

  4. Air four tires at once dude!..that's like space age to me I am from Ecuador…love that swicht …I want to buy the dodge Mahal…:-)

  5. You didnt leave a link for the circular lights on the front! Im definitely interested in picking up a set of those! Love watching your channel!

  6. That ol' light bar is still working great 👍 When living in the woods you can never have to many lights .. NEVER 😂

  7. Whoa, relays do not replace the need for fuses. the wires leaving the relay device still need to be fused, preferably very close to the unit.

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