Wolverine Adamantium Scene – X-MEN Origins Wolverine Game

Wolverine Adamantium Scene – X-MEN Origins Wolverine Game

Hugh Jackman reprises his role and does the voice acting for Logan in X-Men Origins Wolverine Game!

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40 thoughts on “Wolverine Adamantium Scene – X-MEN Origins Wolverine Game

  1. this game has some really good cutscenes and the he actually looks like jackman in his youngin days how has this game not gotten more spotlight??

  2. I remember when this game came out. It was so awesome to play and its great to see some gameplay again after such a long time

  3. Great game, but how did NOBODY involved in this game realize, “you know, wolves and wolverines are different animals.”?

  4. I like to think his necklace is made out of adamantium that’s why it’s still intact after all that carnage

  5. The comic accurate suits for this game are awesome. It proves that they could have pulled off a Wolverine suit in the movies if they wanted to.

  6. Wasnt this the psp one? Lol i recall my sis borrowing it from blackbuster for 3 days, i fiend it and beat it in 2 lmao

  7. By far the funnest most ahead of its time game by far. I would love for a sequel or something even close.

  8. Why would they pump him full of adamantium, and then decide he can't be trusted. Stupid story line.

  9. How come the MCU can't be this rated? X-MEN: Wolverine was a flop. But, the action and quality was decent to watch.

  10. It's so uncanny that this is like the movie X-Men origins wolverine 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔but still a great game 👍👍👍👍👍

  11. Why are you posting this old game? THE REASON I ASK IS BECAUSE….if this is like some way of getting it to be backwards compatible OR to like make it playable on new systems IM DOWN lol this is seriously one of my fav guilty pleasure games no lie I LOVED THIS GAME the helicopter scene in the first stage got me hooked I was like OH THAT IS BRUTAL

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